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Architecture & Paint

City Property Management Association Coordinator
Michelle Armstrong
Phone: 602-437-4777 ext. 2125  Fax: 602-437-4770
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Exterior Home Colors

The CC&R's govern exterior color schemes on the homes in our community. Please review the color charts for more information.

Many homeowners are departing from the original paint color palette for Chandler Crossing and choosing more modern colors. This is fine with the HOA Board.
Please be reminded that you MUST submit an Architectural change form (in the Forms page) when you repaint regardless if you are using approved colors.

Dunn Edwards has created a website showing the color schemes in use at Chandler Crossing Estates. Click on the link below, then type 85226 into the zip code field and click
Submit. Select Chandler Crossing Estates from the drop-down list and the color schemes will appear. 

To get started click this Dunn Edwards link.

Architectural Change Request Form - Print, complete and fax to 602-437-4770  Attention: Kerry Kochenash

The following color combinations are approved:

Eddie Bauer Paint Colors

  • Almond Oil (EB46-4) body – Fig (EB47-3) trim

  • Brown Suede (EB47-2) body – Winter Wheat (EB46-3) trim

  • Winter Wheat (EB46-3) body – Brown Suede (EB47-2) trim

  • Molasses (EB26-1) body – Caramel (EB26-3) trim

  • Fig (EB47-3) body – Almond Oil (EB46-4)trim

  • Caramel (EB26-3) body – Molasses (EB26-1) trim
  • Chestnut (EB24-1) body - Winter Wheat (EB46-3) popout - Coffee Bean (EB47-1) trim

Dunn Edwards Paint Colors 

  • Sahara (DEC747) body - Stonish Beige (DEC716) trim - Bone White (DEC741) popout
  • Mesa Tan (718) body – Bone White (DEC741) trim

  • Stonish Beige (DEC716) body - Mesa Tan (DEC718) trim - Briar (DEC712) popout

  • Hickory (DEC759) body - Bannister Brown (DE6069) trim – Whole Wheat (DE6124) popout

  • Sahara (DEC747) body – Cottage White (DEW318) trim - Dover Plains DE6116) popout

  • Mesa Tan (DEC718) body & trim – Almond Latte (DE6143) popout

  • Hickory (DEC759) body – Whole Wheat (DE6124) trim

Sherwin Williams Paint Colors

  • Craftsman Brown (SW2835) body – Roycroft Velium (SW2833) trim – Quartersawn Oak (SW2836) door

  • Dawn home (SW6081) body – Practical Beige (SW6100) trim – Cordovan (SW6027) door

Behr Paint Colors

  • Southwest Sand (ECC-40-2) body – Seasoned Acorn (ECC-40-3) trim
  • Sunset Beige (260F-4) body - Florence Brown (230F-7) trim
  • Belgian Sweet (700D-6) body - Brown Tepee (700D-4) trim
  • Raffia Cream (710C-2) body - Gobi Desert (710C-3) trim 

Valspar Paint Colors

  • Universal Umber (3003-9B) body - Brown Suede (EB47-2) trim - Cliveden Leather (3004-10A) accents
Reminder: You MUST submit an Architectural change form (in the Forms page) when you repaint regardless if you are using approved colors.


1. CPMC will ensure that every submittal that we receive is completely and accurately completed. For example, an owner must supply paint colors or color chips or equivalent website photo of paint color submitted for all areas to be painted. CPMC will contact each owner upon receipt of a submittal and notify them that the Architectural Committee has 30 days from that day to provide a response. We will also notify the owner that failure to wait for approval is in violation of the CC&R’s and they therefore run the risk of disapproval and the expense of correcting.

2. CPMC will alter the format of the submittal to include home, work and cell phone numbers to contact the owner with any questions. We will also indicate on the submittal that the Architectural Committee has 30 days in which to respond.

3. CPMC will respond with an approval or rejection. Additional information may also be requested by the architectural committee.

4. It shall be the responsibility of the homeowner to notify CPMC that the architectural change has been completed. CPMC will notify the architectural committee and the architectural committee will inspect the change and inform CPMC that it has been approved.

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